Europe has some of the most iconic wineries in the world, and for a good reason. Italy is famous for its wineries, with France coming in a close second. These are the wines that people dream of. The wines that they will pay top dollar for.

Unsurprisingly, many people would love to visit these wineries, given a chance. With careful planning, this is a goal that can be achieved. Here are some of the top wineries in the world for your travel planning.

Montefioralle Winery, Italy

On the top of many winery lists, you’ll find Montefioralle, Italy. This is a smaller winery, but it is intimate and full of family-friendly activities. This winery allows guests to visit the vineyard, the cellars, and wine tasting areas. 

Glenholm Winery, Denmark

If one were to travel to Northern Denmark, they would find a small vineyard named Glenholm. A single-family runs this winery, and it offers a delightful variety of wines, including whites, reds, and sparkling wines. 

Chateau Cantenac, France

Chateau Cantenac has a five-star rating for travelers, and it has earned that status. This winery offers Bordeaux wines that are of the highest quality. There are tours available for the vineyard, with wine tasting opportunities for adults. Kids are welcome, though they will not be encouraged to sample!

Domane Wachau, Austria

If you’re hoping to add Austria to your list of travel locations, consider visiting Domane Wachau. Domane Wachau produces one-third of the wine for its region, and it is high-quality wine at that. This is a scenic destination that one will not want to miss out on.

Cairn O’Mohr Fruit Wines, Scotland

Next up on the list is Cairn O’Mohr Fruit Wines in Scotland. This winery is known for its fruity wines – hence the name. They also make cider. The wines and the ciders are made from fruits and grapes collected from the property itself. Alongside tasting opportunities, they offer plenty of tours to the public. 

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is not actually a single winery – but rather one of the best places to visit if one wants to find a variety of wineries worth visiting. Wineries such as Val d’Orcia and Vino di Montepulciano are found here, among countless others.