People worldwide celebrate Halloween, and many traditions are still practiced. Some of these are based on the ancient practices of the Gaelic Samhain holiday. During this time, people believed that the dead came back to life and that they should keep their valuables at their doors.

It’s amazing how different cultures worldwide have unique traditions related to this holiday. Initially, it was a westernized festival that evolved into a popular event involving dressing up and consuming sweets. If you’re planning on visiting this year, here are some of the best Halloween celebrations around the world.

Village Halloween Parade in New York

The Village Halloween Parade in New York has over 50,000 participants yearly and is considered the world’s largest and most significant Halloween event. It’s a municipal rite that features a display of creativity and imagination. In addition to the thousands of individuals participating, the event also features thousands of partygoers and musical groups.

Carnival Halloween Parade in Derry

The event started as a modest costume party in 1985 and has grown into Europe’s biggest and most daring Halloween spectacle. In the city of derry, the Halloween Street Carnival Parade is a massive celebration on October 31. It features music, dancing, and a circus. Thousands of spectators line the streets to watch the parade.

Halloween in Tokyo

In Japan, the holiday is a relatively new phenomenon. Although most of the customs related to this holiday are not practiced, adults in the country still celebrate it. They often use their costumes to show their creativity and imagination.

During the Halloween season, the trains in the area change from tranquil to wild parties. If you’re planning to visit this year, Disneyland is an excellent alternative to traditional holidays.

Halloween in Transylvania

The magnificent architecture of Romania and its tranquil surroundings create an unsettling yet invigorating feeling. One of the most popular attractions in the country is Bran Castle, which is located in Transylvania. Thousands of people visit this castle each year to see its famous attractions. Bucharest also has several exciting castles and various other attractions.

Dia De Los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico

Although Halloween is not practiced in Mexico, the country’s population still celebrates Dia de Los Muertos, a three-day holiday held every year on October 31. It’s believed that the dead come back to Earth to spend their final days with their loved ones. Oaxaca’s streets are filled with people dressed as skeletons and vibrant flowers. In addition, various altars decorated with skulls and bones are also displayed in the city.