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About Dr. Michael Barbieri 

Alongside a skilled and fulfilling professional career, Dr. Michael Barbieri has cultivated a rich personal life where he’s been able to enjoy hobbies and interests he’s accrued throughout his life. A phenomenally successful international businessman, Michael has distinguished himself in every industry he’s chosen to touch. 

Perhaps most notably, Dr. Michael Barbieri was the youngest flight instructor and instrument and multi-engine instructor in St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked for a while as a Professional Commercial Pilot for several corporations.

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Additionally, Dr. Michael Barbieri is a Professional Bodybuilder and the owner of Body Builders Inc., where he operated ten of the largest independently owned bodybuilding facilities in the Midwest. A groundbreaking figure, Michael was also the first one to introduce a co-ed workout facility in 1978, where men and women could work out together. Dr. Barbieri also served as a judge for the National and International PCN and IFBB Professional Bodybuilding Judge. Dr. Barbieri has also served as the owner of BBC Finance and the Federal Collection Agency. He is also an accomplished musician and has had multiple articles written on his success in myriad areas.

Dr. Michael Barbieri’s hard work and success have earned his induction into the Marquis Who’s Who in America in 2021 for his accomplishments in multiple industries. Through his work in law enforcement, Dr. Michael Barbieri has worked to successfully solve six Cold Case Murders, two of which happened in foreign countries. He is also trained on kidnappings – both domestic and foreign – and has worked with numerous governmental agencies around the world.

Professionally, Dr. Michael Barbieri has been working for the past 32 years as the Owner and Senior Consultant at Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc., where he’s been involved with national and international investigations. Throughout his involved and successful career, Dr. Barbieri has amassed a wealth of industry knowledge in areas including fraud, protection, security operations, personal protection, security audits, risk assessment, crisis management, patrol, counterterrorism, intelligence, counterintelligence, emergency management, and more. Michael has also developed skills in skip tracing, expert witnesses, workplace violence, forensic analysis, cybercrime, evidence, investigative research, and asset tracing, just to name a few.

Michael Barbieri PhD is licensed by the State of Missouri Board of Private Investigators and Fire Investigators as a Private Investigator, and he is also a Certified Executive Protection Expert following a training program with the Secret Service.

Michael Barbieri PhD received recognition from both the US State Department and former President George Bush due to his achievements.

According to the IAAPR, Michael Barbieri PhD is one of the best private investigators in the world. He has received training from various organizations such as the FBI, the US Attorney’s Office, and the US Department of Defense.

As a licensed private investigator in Missouri, Michael Barbieri PhD can carry out his work as a specialist in various subjects. He is also a certified executive protection expert established by the Secret Service in 2010.

Before becoming a licensed private investigator, Michael Barbieri obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychology and urban affairs from St. Louis University. He also earned his Ph.D. from Pacific Western University.


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