Not every item in your suitcase is an ideal travel accessory. It’s essential to lighten your bags by getting rid of things you don’t necessarily need. This is crucial for international travel, where luggage weights can hit you in the wallet. Cutting baggage weight can save time, money, and pain. Below are some of the top things to leave out of your suitcases when packing for a trip out of the country.

Magazines and Books

If you have a Kindle or a tablet, it’s essential to get rid of the magazines and paperback books you don’t want to bring on vacation. These items can be beneficial to get rid of while on the go and make your suitcase lighter.

Outfits for Every Day

Instead of having an entirely new ensemble for every day of your trip, pack pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched to make new outfits. This means carrying at least three tops and three bottoms for most people. Those that are worried about running out of clean outfits can plan on doing a load of clothes on the road, or find another alternative.

Expensive Items

You might want to look great on your trip, but it’s not ideal for bringing accessories that mean a lot to you or are worth a lot of money. Traveling with valuables can be risky and make you at risk for theft.

Food Items

It’s not a bad idea to bring snacks for your plane ride, but you don’t need to stash your suitcases with excessive amounts of food. Your goal may be to save money, but you might have to throw them away before entering another country.

Towels and Sheets

Most hotels and hostels provide free sheets and towels. If you’re staying at a vacation rental, you shouldn’t need to pack these items. If the place you are staying at doesn’t offer these basic amenities, you may want to consider staying somewhere else.

While it ultimately is up to you what you want to pack, this list is a guideline of tips for packing lighter and making your trip easier to manage.