Many people have grand dreams of traveling the world. Nearly as many people have worked hard to achieve this goal, picking a new destination each year. However, saving money for a vacation doesn’t automatically stop once it has begun.

As it turns out, saving money while traveling is another way to make the entire process more affordable. More affordable vacations mean that one can travel longer or even take more vacations. Follow these tips to save money while traveling.

Traveling During the Off-Season

One of the most recommended ways to save money while traveling is to try and do so during the ‘offseason.’ This is a top piece of advice because it works. For example, Disney World is less busy during the winter months, and therefore a stay there will cost a family less than during the summer.

The savings don’t stop there, as many airlines offer lower prices during their quieter times. Keep this in mind next time you’re planning out a trip.

Shop Less

It can be extremely tempting to buy a pretty souvenir from every destination you travel to. However, keep in mind that every shopping trip you go on will add to the trip’s overall cost.

That isn’t to say that you can’t buy anything; just ask yourself if this is something you want before making the purchase. Regret purchases will not add to the fun memories that come from traveling.

Check for Coupons

Most people only think to check for coupons when they’re making expensive purchases, but did you know you can check sites before planning a trip? Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial have discounts available for hundreds of activities, resorts, and even full vacation packages. As with everything, be smart and do the math on these savings before buying, as not every discount is what it appears to be.

Pack Wisely

Another way to cut down on the cost of traveling is by packing smartly. In other words, consolidate your luggage so you can avoid any additional luggage fees when traveling via airlines.

Avoid International Transaction Fees

Several card companies and banks will charge international transaction fees. That’s per purchase, mind you. Avoid these fees by using a card that won’t tally up additional costs. Alternatively, exchange money beforehand. Just be sure to manage your money intelligently, including storing (and hiding) it safely when abroad.