There is much to see and experience in Italy, whether with a group or solo traveler. From the rolling hills and beautiful wine regions to the beautiful coastal towns, it’s hard to see everything in one place. 

If you’re planning on visiting Italy, but are not planning on staying in Florence, Venice, or Rome, then these are some remarkable cities that you should consider visiting.

Tuscany In Arezzo

Although Florence is known for its historical attractions, such as its art galleries and museums, the city center and surrounding areas can get very busy during the day. If you’re planning on visiting another town near Florence, take the train to the beautiful town of Arezzo. This small town is known for its quaint atmosphere and is surrounded by walls and gates. There are plenty of opportunities to experience the local cuisine and fine wine in nearby Florence. 

Cinque Terre In Vernazza

One of the smaller towns known for its beautiful coastal towns is the town of Vernazza. It’s a great place to stay if you’re planning on visiting the area and want to see the fantastic sea views. Plenty of boat tours are available to take visitors to the towns known as the Cinque Terre. If you’re planning on hiking, then purchase a Cinque Terre card to get around the region and train freely between the towns.


If you’re planning on visiting the area and want to try the famous pizza of Naples, then take the ferry to Ischia. This small island is located eighteen nautical miles away from the island of Principessa. This location will allow you to get around the area and enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s also a great place to stay and explore the local attractions.


One of the most popular places in Verona is the Arena de Verona, a Roman amphitheater built in 30 A.D. This impressive structure is still in use and can still host large-scale opera performances. This area is known for its well-preserved ancient structures. Aside from being a fantastic place to visit, the Arena de Verona also features a variety of other attractions.

If you’re planning on visiting Italy, then you’re going to be able to enjoy some of the best food and views in the world. There are plenty of places to stay and explore in the country.